“(...) Eva Meitner and her Freies Orchester Leipzig, in which 24 female musicians played, showed that night, what power is not only inside an all-female-orchestra but also what great music women have composed at all times. Pieces from Fanny Hensel, Ethel Smyth, Amy Marcy Beach and Alice Mary Smith were performed… Natural romantic 19th centuary.

There is no doubt that they were unmistakabely equal with the most important composers of their time. Already those pieces showed what power is inside women – if only they take their right to do it. And Eva Meitner is right that this is only the peak of the iceberg. She was surprised when she studied the archives and recognized how much music by women isn’t performed anywhere, is just ignored and neglected by the big houses and orchestras. Just because men there think that only male composers have to be played – always the same ones.

That’s how patriarchy works. Eva Meitner has shown this ingeniously. This performance has proved that womens’ fight since 200 years to finally getting equal respect is completely right.

(…) The Freies Orchester Leipzig was just amazing. And actually they should continue. With the focus on “100 years womens’ vote” the Festival of Lights Leipzig has shown more impressively than the 9 years before, that nothing is yet done. That the Peaceful Revolution (and the events of 1968 and 1918) were only just a beginning and that many humans are not yet equal, and even far away from emancipated beings.”

source: Leipziger Internet Zeitung vom 10.10.2018