About us

The "Freies Orchester Leipzig" ("Free Orchestra Leipzig") was founded on the occasion of the Festival of Lights Leipzig 2018 and performed there on 9th October 2018 at the Augustusplatz Leipzig in front of 15000 people works of the female composers Ethel Smyth, Fanny Hensel, Amy Beach, Alice Mary Smith, Susanne Hardt and male composer Moritz Eggert. 24 female professional musicians are part of the orchestra.

"I called the Freies Orchester Leipzig to life for the Festival of Lights Leipzig 2018, because there doesn't exist any professional orchestra in Leipzig right now, that performs in an all-female-cast. There was a specific reason for the name Freies Orchester Leipzig: As freedom is a central aspect of art, I found it more than appropriate and also a beautiful appreciation of the fundamental idea of this city and this festival to show this importance of freedom by making it a part of our orchestra name. Furthermore in my eyes it is a very special signal and a big honor when an orchestra can celebrate it's founding on such an important date as the anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution, and even at the historical location where everything took place. Freedom and art collaborate hand in hand - what a beautiful picture.
Eva Meitner, chief conductor Freies Orchester Leipzig